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My Story, My Journey...

A little history over the next few weeks as my website is being built: I suffered from multiple surgeries in my early life which ended in me becoming completely deaf in one ear and now the recipient of a Baja implant. This caused a lot of ups and downs in my younger life. It didn’t allow me to be a part of team sports often and I was always missing out on a lot of fun things that my friends could do. It made me feel alone and separated at times. My parents got me involved in things in the outdoors that I could do and sports I could do in the outdoors by myself that wouldn’t “shake things around” in my ear. This is when I fell in love with shooting competitive archery, hiking, hunting, fishing and kayaking I learned through these sports that it’s okay to be different and you don’t always have to be a part of a “team” sport! Being outdoors always brought me an inner peace within myself. Everyone can BLOOM in the outdoors! More to come…

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