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My 4-H Challenge Club Journey

Continuing my story with the 4-H theme, I owe a lot to the 4-H Challenge Club and my leaders for really broadening my horizons in the outdoors. The 4-H Challenge Club takes you to experience different activities in the outdoors. These activities include: snowshoeing, winter camping, skiing/ snowboarding, rocking climbing/ repelling, hiking, caving and canoeing/ kayaking. On all these trips we tent camp and some trips we build our own latrine. It really is time allowing you to be “one with nature” and to just be still in the present time. A rule on this trip is no phones/electronics, besides for the leaders. This gives you the chance to meet new friends and work on communication and just enjoy nature’s beauty. I have learned to camp (not “glamp”), to live life without a phone, start a fire, use a compass, identification of animal tracks and scat, independence and the value of survival in the outdoors. My favorite experience is when I was in the U.P. rock climbing and my leader said you have five minutes to pack a bag, find a friend and we will drop you off in the woods for an over night tandem. Once you arrive you figure out your shelter for the night and the next morning you find your way back with a compass and coordinates. My friend and I ate all our snacks so the bears wouldn’t find us, took in the beautiful scenery and enjoyed the amazing sunset. This group really required me to push beyond my comfort zone. I could talk on this club forever because my experiences and personal growth through this club were endless and will always be near and dear to my heart but it’s already long enough!! Be one with nature and push yourself to try new things as this club did for me!

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