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Colorado Elk Camp 2021

No tags were filled in the journey of this hunt, but a whole bunch of knowledge was gained! My time in Colorado was anything but a failure. I may be coming home empty handed, but the memories made, lessons learned and information for future hunts is the exact souvenir I was looking for.

People are often quick to judge “oh she didn’t get anything,” or “she doesn’t even know what she’s doing.” Let me tell you something… it’s not just about the harvest. I hunt for the lessons, experiences and relationships that have grown from hunting. The sport of hunting provides me the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and be one with nature. Hunting is the one thing that brings me to Gods country.

WOW. What a great two weeks it has been!

Colorado OTC public land

14 days

9 days of actively hunting

53.7 miles hiked

HUNTING WITH DAD (aka my right ear)

Being completely deaf in my right ear makes it extremely difficult to tell which way the animal is coming from. Luckily, I’ve had my dad by my side my whole life to be my right ear. Through hunting my dad and I have bonded and it gives us a chance to spend quality time together doing what we both love.

This was our second year chasing elk together and it was an absolute blast. We definitely gave it our all considering the cold temperatures and the commitment to not give up. We made great progress of finding elk signs to even finding the elk… 3 miles away though, we just couldn’t get to them in time. I’m already ready for next year to continue to build my skills and hopefully harvest my first elk! Good things come to those who wait!

Although my freezer is not filled with elk after time spent in Colorado I hope it can be filled with venison after this weekend whitetail hunting in northern Michigan.

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