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2022 Colorado Elk

Many people come at me with the “you haven’t got an elk yet?” You know what Karen… let me see your a$$ do it before you talk the talk! It’s not like they’re deer running all over the place. DIY hunting is WORK that I believe not many people are capable of doing. A lot of people don’t think of the idea that you actually have no clue what you’re getting yourself into going to hunt a piece of land that you’ve never even seen besides on Onx (if you pay for it). Let me tell you what, the 3D version on a screen & in real life are two different things. You spend coutless hours scouting & logging miles that might not even lead to anything, just to try a whole new spot the next day. Did I mention the average elevation for us Michiganders is 500ft, well try hiking in 8,000-11,000ft with a 30-40lb backpack on you. Where the mountains are so steep that if you put too much pressure on your back heels, you’ll probably loose balance because of your pack. This is when I learned trekking poles are my bestfriend. Or the fact that if you don’t filter enough water every time you see a creek you will legit have no water until you come across one again. Like your sleep? Well too bad you’re getting up at the ass crack and going to bed late… tired & exhausted. Cherry on top is when you find the perfect spot and you look across the ravine and see other hunters since ya know… you are on public land. Each and everyone of those things I listed are just some of the battles you’ll face. But for me its what drives me to keep going and trying again! So yeah, I haven’t killed an elk yet but I’m damn proud that I do it, harvest or no harvest. Remember hunting isn’t always about the kill. To me it’s the memories I made with my dad this trip, the countless/ sleepless laughs we shared together, the things we’ve learned from one another, the time spent away from reality, education on elk & the time spent in God’s country. We were beyond blessed with unseasonably warm weather that allowed us to tent camp for 3/5 days in the wilderness during the hunt! But damn did it get cold at night. One of the nights while we were out glassing late we came back with that lovely picture on the windshield and thought nothing of it until we turned it over and read that note. Of course that would happen to us.

Until next year, for now bring on Missouri next week🤠🦌

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